Recent Reviews

     It was just wonderful to work with you and we had many compliments about the retreat. I more than anyone appreciate your assistance. You are an excellent facilitator!!! ~Dr. Mary Ellen Mazey, President, Bowling Green State University
     You did a great job — and, as I said, at just the right time. You got a great sense of the whole board, its work, and its interactions.  I thought the specific and general were incorporated beautifully.  And your facilitation of meaning making was excellent (never easy in the objective role you played — with a group of people you were just meeting). We’re an even more energized crowd now, in part, because of your work.  Thank you! ~Dr. Pat Pauken, Secretary to the Board of Trustees, Bowling Green State University
     Ellen planned and presented a workshop for the Saybrook Board of Trustees on strategic finance. From the beginning of our work together in collaboratively planning the agenda, through the presentation and interactive discussion at the meeting, and in follow up afterwards, Ellen was a pleasure to work with. She did a terrific job and she was very helpful in getting my Board to understand this complex topic better. I recommend her highly. ~Dr. Mark Schulman, President, Saybrook University
     Ellen was engaged as a consultant to the Board of Trustees at Youngstown State University to assist with the Strategic Finance Initiative of the Lumina Foundation and Association of Governing Boards. The original workshop led to a year long engagement to assist YSU with the development of a Strategic Plan and Strategic Finance overlay. Ellen’s expertise in this field was of great help to YSU and the Board. Further, Ellen’s professionalism and attention to detail allowed us to finish our plan in a very timely manner, so we could begin focusing on implementation and monitoring. I highly recommend Ellen as a consultant committed to good governance practices for boards of trustees for institutions of higher education. ~Scott Schulick, Board Chair, Youngstown State University
     Ellen brought solid experience and knowledge to her assignments with our university. She worked well with trustees and senior staff. Her work was tailored to our needs — not just a standard package. Very effective. ~Dr. Patricia Maguire Meservey, President, Salem State University
     I have had the opportunity to know and work with Ellen for 20 years. Her successful experience as president of two universities during that time is the primary basis for my recommendation. She has more experience productively leading change in higher education than any president I have worked with. As a consultant, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that make her invaluable to college and university leaders and governing boards. Strategic management and governance at both the institutional and system levels are particular areas of strength. I recommend her highly. ~ Dr. Monica Manning, Owner, NovaLearning
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