National and State Recognition

  • John Stecklein Distinguished Member Award, Association for Institutional Research
  • National Leadership Award of Excellence, Governor of North Dakota
  • Computerworld Premier 100 IT Leader, leadership in instructional innovation using information technologies
  • President in Residence, Harvard University
  • Lecturer, New Presidents Seminar, Harvard University
  • Leadership Fellow, The Bush Foundation
  • Advisor, University of Southern California research project on improving higher education governance and decision-making
  • Board of Senior Scholars, National Center for Postsecondary Improvement, Stanford University
  • Consulting editor, editorial board member for four academic journals
  • Chair, Entrepreneurship Committee, U.S. Senator Kent Conrad
  • North Dakota Chamber of Commerce Educator Award
  • Pioneer Award for Outstanding Achievement in Education, Information Technology Council of North Dakota
  • John L. Blackburn Award for administrative excellence, American Association of University Administrators.
  • Distinguished Achievement Award, International Society for Technology in Education
  • Featured in two Jossey-Bass books, an Association of Governing Boards report, the New York Times and twice in ComputerWorld
  • Selected for case studies of exemplary practice by Mid-Continent Regional Educational Laboratory, the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education, American Association of State Colleges and Universities, and National Association of College and University Business.

And finally, just one from some colleagues at my university. It was National Boss’s Day – no pending decisions pro or con affecting the athletic department. The A.D. and coaches wrote me a letter that I consider a great honor. They listed what they appreciate in their president, including:

  • You are a positive role model for our students. You reinforce the fact that women can not only be leaders of large organizations, but great leaders.
  • We are secure with you at the helm of the ship. We are comfortable sleeping while you are driving, so to speak.
  • You listen and value everyone’s opinion.
  • You are a risk taker. You have stepped outside of the safe zone to lead our organization to great things. We value your vision.
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