My goal is to help you achieve your goals for strengthening governance, leadership, and your institution. I aim to support your efforts to have important conversations about your work and your organization(s). I:

  • Deliver highly customized, goal-directed workshops for trustees and executive leaders on governance, strategy, strategic finance, accountability, balanced scorecards, quality, and organizational change
    • Work with you to plan exactly what will work best for you
    • From facilitated conversations among yourselves to content-and-discussion rich presentations, or combination
    • Always wrap with an action plan
  • Conduct comprehensive presidential assessments
  • Serve as a confidential consultant for new presidents, presidents in transition, or board chairs

Some recent examples:

  1. Board-executive retreat to increase trust by identifying and resolving sources of unease in their partnership despite high mutual respect.
  2. Board executive committee advice on structuring a new presidential bonus program.
  3. Board-executive retreat to review potential name change from all key angles and make the decision.
  4. Board-executive retreat to shape, assess feasibility, and identify next steps for an exceptionally ambitious mission-critical goal.
  5. Board chair call on how to handle a difficult situation.
  6. Board retreat on best practices in governance.
  7. Executive adviser on improving faculty shared governance.
  8. Executive adviser on situation assessment following a no-confidence vote.
  9. Comprehensive presidential performance reviews.

Most of my work is through the consulting service of the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges, which brings all of their research and experience to bear and facilitates the use of multiple consultants as appropriate.

Up to one hour of phone consultation, gratis. References upon request. Satisfaction guaranteed.

“North Dakota higher education on all levels is indebted to Chaffee. Her service has been admirable and intelligent. Her achievements for the higher ed system and her campus will be lasting.” Fargo Forum

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